From Individuals

"I don't know where I would be without Jules' help. I have come so far and achieved so much. I will carry on with everything she has taught me so that anxiety never takes hold of my life again."

CR, age 18

"After my parents died, Jules helped me get through a very tough time. She was incredibly kind and sensitive  -  and I needed that back then, because I was in bits."

AV, age 49

"The past nine months have been such a hard journey for me but Jules made it a whole lot easier. With her constant support and help (especially the CBT techniques) I was able to become strong enough to fight my depression and anxiety. She's amazing at what she does."

KH, age 17

"It never occurred to me that menopause hormones would create such havoc with my mental health.  I thought perhaps I was just making a fuss. Jules listened carefully to all my concerns for several months and then suggested I discuss specific concerns with my GP. Together, we came up with a treatment plan and before long, all my symptoms went away. I was delighted to be able to get back to my normal self and that never would have happened if I hadn't visited my therapist."

SG, age 52

From Schools

"The support that Jules has offered to our pupils, parents and staff over the years has been invaluable. Her professional expertise, combined with personal experience, puts her in a unique position and all have benefited enormously."

KBH, Assistant Head Teacher, John Hampden Grammar School

From Patients at GP Surgeries

"Thank you Jules. It is wonderful to see my daughter coming back to her old self, regaining her confidence and strength. We would not have got to this point without you and I am truly grateful."

LA, Mother of self-harming child

"After 45 years of feeling 'different', I ended up with depression. I was afraid to talk about it to the doctor because I have a social communication issue  - only I didn't know it! Jules identified it and helped me feel human again."


"Having struggled alone with a stressful job and poor sleeping patterns for many years, I was exhausted and burnt out. Talking to Jules really helped - and finding out that there were many skills and techniques for overcoming my problems was, quite literally, a God-send.  I have shared  many of them with my colleagues."

HP, Police service

From Qualified Supervisees

"Jules has been my private  supervisor since 2009 and has supported my work and growth in a respectful way. She allows me to take the lead and will also politely shine a light on areas she thinks I may need to reflect on, enabling me to develop safely. She is comfortable exploring the process of counselling but will also contribute to the content of subject areas and I really value the multi-level nature of our supervisory relationship."

TL, BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor

From Student Counsellors and Student Supervisees

"Jules, you have been inspirational to me. The support you have given me and the knowledge that you were there for me has meant more than I can express in words."

JB, Trainee Therapist

From Families with ASD

"Jules was there when the NHS was not.  She identified my child's AS and helped us get a formal diagnosis. And then she provided therapy and support so he could recover from depression and stay in mainstream school. We are so glad we found her. Her knowledge of her specialism is awesome!"

SW, Bucks.

"A therapist from a well known couples counselling service sent us to Jules because she knew we would get the specialist Asperger's Syndrome help we needed. It was like a light got switched on. My husband felt understood, I felt supported. Jules helped us comprehend not just each other but how autism affects thinking, behaviour and, ultimately, how much we were missing in relating to each other. Thank goodness we found her. We were about to split up and now we are happier than we have ever been in 20 years of marriage."

DS and HS

"If anyone knows more than Jules about how to support parents of autistic children, I'd be very surprised. Her empathic understanding of our situation was tremendously useful and just knowing that, finally, someone 'got' us as a family was such a relief."